Out now: Tav Falco's special trip!

posted September 24th, 2014

Out now: Tav Falco's special trip! This one is titled Tav Falco's Wonderful World Of Musical And Exotic Obscurities and Stag-O-Lee is mighty proud to release it. Because we love these left-field releases, the special ones. It's like having a lot of kids, but some of them need special attention... this release is one of them.

For this one, Tav Falco, the Memphis legend (of Panther Burns fame) compiled 25 of his favourite tunes from 50s rockabilly to tangos, valtzes & quite a bunch of other wonderful obscurities. Songs he loves, songs he covered with Panther Burns, songs that influenced him. Thus shedding much light upon the music that incessantly ignites Falco's muse.

This is a wild and wonderful ride. A Back To Mine-style compilation that will open your ears.

Double vinyl comes in a nice gatefold sleeve with extensive liner notes by the maestro himself. CD comes with 20-page booklet.

Out Now: Legendary Shack Shakers!

posted September 10th, 2014

Out Now: Legendary Shack Shakers! Right in time for their reunion Stag-O-Lee releases Agri.Dustrial, the latest album by Legendary Shack Shakers on vinyl for the first time. The album features a new track, a new running order and a proper vinyl remastering.

A roots rock juggernaut from Nashville, TN, the Legendary Shack Shakers are a hot-rodded foursome combining blues, rockabilly, country, and rock & roll into one manic assemblage boasting all the gloriously explosive instability of an M-80. Fronted by the manic JD Wilkes, who when not busy with music (he also leads the Dirt Daubers) is also known as a visual artist, publishing comic books and creating elaborate "carnival art" murals on discarded roll-up projection screens.

The Legendary Shack Shakers existed from 2000 until 2010 with Agri.Dustrial being their last release. On this record we hear new guitarist Duane Denison (Hank III, Jesus Lizard), who plays with the enthusiastic power of his predecessors, while new drummer Brett Whitacre drives his kit like it's a semi full of dynamite rolling down a steep hill with no brakes. Singer Colonel JD Wilkes matches the mania of his bandmates, and with longtime bass man Mark Roberts in tow, they deliver a disc packed with sizzling slabs of rock mayhem. This is one sweet and evil ride. 16 songs in 38 minutes. Fasten seat belts.

The Legendary Shack Shakers play like their lives depend on wringing the maximum force out of every note. Agri.Dustrial - already a timeless classic.

Latest Stag-O-Lee News

posted August 24th, 2014

Latest Stag-O-Lee News Back in the saddle. Been slacking a little over the last few weeks, been at a few festivals selling records and tried to enjoy what little summer we had. In the meantime there are a few new Stag-O-Lee releases out now. Here's a round-up:

Higher Ground – Vol. 1 (10“ - vinyl only)
Eight wild R&B/Gospel-tunes from the late 50s/early 60s compiled by Duke Jens-O-Matic of Jim Jam Gems fame. Comes in a generic brown 10“ cover (with hole) with a screenprint in gold (so what you see here in black is actually in gold) on the front. Numbered and limited to 500 copies.

Mighty Mike OMB - The Blues Of... (7“-EP)
Mighty Mike, drummer/singer in Voodoo Rhythm band Juke Joint Pimps and drummer and part-time singer in Stag-O-Lee duo Grits'N Gravy also plays as one man band. He went into a studio to record 8 tunes playing drums, guitar, harp and singing simultaneously. Stag-O-Lee selected 4 tunes for this raw 7"-ep.

Savage Rhythm - Swingin' Dance Floor Sounds To Blow Your Top (2-LP/CD)

Savage Rhythm is a compilation of this fantastic music, documenting the direct lineage from the Jazz and Swing of the 30s through to a more R&B-ready sound of the early 40s, signposting the way ahead for what was to become Jump Blues and eventually Rock and Roll. Compiled by Brighton (UK) DJ, music lover and vinyl junkie Shamblin Sexton, Savage Rhythm is put together to make the party swing hard. As much a ticket to the good times as a history lesson, Savage Rhythm delivers both with urbane style and swagger.
The double vinyl is packaged in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes (on printed innersleeves) by Shamblin Sexton 180 gramm vinyl, too. The CD comes with a 24-page booklet.

Slow Grind Fever – Vol. 2 (LP)
Vol. 2 was compiled by Richie1250, the founder of the Melbourne based Slow Grind Fever night! „Melbourne's only slow dance party, where they play the slowest, spookiest, sweetest records they can find, and folks dance real slow in a haze of smoke and dim red light.“ Limited edition.

Slow Grind Fever – Vol. 1+2 (CD)
The first CD version of our Slow Grind Fever series. It compiles the 16 tracks of Vol. 1 (on 12" vinyl) as well as the 14 tracks of Vol. 2.
Vol. 1 was compiled by Chris Sick Moore (Brighton) and R-man (Stag-O-Lee). Vol. 2 was selected by Richie1250, the mastermind of the Melbourne based Slow Grind Fever night. The CD has all 30 tracks and comes with a 16 page booklet and track-by-track-notes.

Check out your local dealer or buy direct at www.stagoleeshop.com

Back from Sjock!

posted July 16th, 2014

Back from Sjock! Just returned from Sjock #39 in Gierle/Belgium. What a great weekend! Great bands, lots of amazing and friendly people from all over Europe, tons of fun and good sales at the Stag-O-Lee record stall. And ending the Sunday with the world cup was pretty good, too. Sjock is highly recommended and indeed the "Rock & Roll highlight of the year"!

In the meantime we have plenty of new releases available: Slow Grind Fever Vol. 2 LP (plus 1+2 on CD). Savage Rhythm double-deluxe vinyl (+CD) and the Mighty Mike OMB 7"-ep. All are available NOW at stagoleeshop.com and will be featured here in the next couple of days.

Stay tuned!
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