In the works: Marcel Bontempi

posted February 24th, 2015

In the works: Marcel Bontempi Coming up in early April: Marcel Bontempi – Witches, Spiders, Frogs & Holes/Demos And Recordings 2009-2014. The Wizard Of Rhythm makes his Stag-O-Lee comeback with a collection of 21 amazing tunes – 14 taken from his various 7“-releases on Witchcraft, Sleazy, Stag-O-Lee, Migraine and Squoodge (which are mostly sold-out) and 7 tunes previously unreleased!!!!

The vinyl version comes as LP plus 7“ packaged in a nice gatefold-sleeve while the CD will feature a digipak with 16-page booklet. Both will have extensive liner notes and track-by-track info by Darren Ross, as well as lots of photos, 7“-covers and memorabilia. Artwork by Mr. Bontempi himself, of course.

Out now: Boom-A-Lay & Chug-A-Lug

posted February 8th, 2015

Out now: Boom-A-Lay & Chug-A-Lug Quite a few have been waiting (at least I hope) for new releases in our Exotic Blues & Rhythm series. Well, the time was right and we have put together 12 tracks for each new volume, which are called Boom-A-Lay (Vol. 7) and Chug-A-Lug (Vol. 8).

Enjoy amazing and danceable tunes from the late 50s and early 60s - a handful of Popcorn dancefloor smashs, a few grinding Tittyshakers, awesome Rhythm & Blues - most of them with an exotic twist!

Both are available on 10" vinyl only and are OUT NOW!

Vol. 5 (Gibble Gobble) and Vol. 6 (Sadaba) are still available at our webshop at! All other volumes are sold out!

Coming up next on Stag-O-Lee: Earl Zinger & Don Rogall - Vol. 2

posted January 8th, 2015

Coming up next on Stag-O-Lee: Earl Zinger & Don Rogall - Vol. 2 The second of two limited 10"-es will be out soon, followed by a CD with the tracks from both 10"-es plus three bonuscuts.

Deep down from the swamp delta of Berlin, D.C., and straight outta Gin Lane, Londinium: The feral stepsons of carpet dealers and long forgotten record sellers, Don Rogall and Earl Zinger, with their long awaited debut on the probably best label of the western hemisphere (well, now it is).
The music? Rock´n Blues, dealing with some nasty boogie, jive and ingredients of exotic origin - a new breed of juke joint anthems.

Earl Zinger is a London based cult hero (Galliano etc.) and Don Rogall lives in Berlin. He is a musician, but also a well-known DJ
with a Bassy residence amongst others.

Out now: the last four in 2014!

posted November 26th, 2014

Out now: the last four in 2014! Been a busy year for Stag-O-Lee. We close the year with four exciting new releases! More info can be found under Releases or just below.

There are already quite a few things lined up for early 2015: we'll start with the 2nd volume of the Earl Zinger & Don Rogall 10"-series and a CD version of both 10"-es with some extra tracks. Also in the works is Slow Grind Fever Vol. 4 - compiled by DJ Diddy Wah - as well as a CD that combine Vol. 3 and 4.

There's a second and third volume of Higher Ground, two new Jim Jam Gems, a singles-compilation (with extras) by the great Marcel Bontempi, the third (and last) volume in the Music From Planet Earth series, a new 10"-series with multiple versions of one tune (first volume will be Taboo/Tabu - absolutely killer), two more volumes in the Exotic Blues & Rhythm series (Boom-A-Lay and Chug-A-Lug), Shamblin Sexton is wokring on a follow up to Savage Rhythm and I am sure there will be more. Stay tuned to this channel!
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